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“Sleeping with dogs for money is disgusting”, Uriel Oputa cries out over recent trend of bestiality

Uriel Oputa, a BBN season 2 roommate, has noticed a new trend of bestiality in which dogs are photographed sleeping with women.

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Uriel Oputa, who was outspoken in his condemnation, voiced concern for the generation and the means by which they choose to make ends meet.

The skilled chef and actress counseled brothers, parents, and sisters, telling them that they are worth more than this act of bestiality.

She expressed herself through her writing

I am disgusted honestly sleeping with dogs for money I am worried about this generation, I am worried that young women with able minds and bodies would choose this method to generate income honestly do you know the spiritual implications this act facilitate I’m just praying it is all lies you let Nkita come inside you.

You need to do better parents Brothers sisters you are worth more, as a former health care professional let’s not talk about the infection waiting for You.

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