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Sylvester: Dowen College House Masters Are Still Locked Up While ‘Killers’ Have Been Bailed – Cousin

Perri, the cousin of Sylvester Oromoni, a late Dowen College student, has accused the Lagos State Police Command of “hoarding” his second autopsy result.

He made the assertion while reflecting on the death of his cousin a month later. He further claimed that while the school’s house masters remain imprisoned, the “killers” had been released on bond.

He thanked veteran lawyer Femi Falana, saying that the case would have been closed like many others if it hadn’t been for him. He also stated that they require clarification from the authorities regarding the court date.
Remember that Perry Oromoni took to social media to claim that he was beaten up in his hostel room by some senior students for refusing to join a cult.

The school, on the other hand, refuted the claim, claiming that the youngster had complained of leg and hip pain as a result of a football injury.

The Lagos State Government has ordered the institution to be closed indefinitely in order to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

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