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‘The chemistry is so real’ – BBNaija’s Pere Allegedly Dating Ebube Nwagbo

Ebube Nwagbo, a gorgeous Nollywood actress, and Pere Egbi, a Big Brother Naija housemate, have fuelled dating rumors.

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The actress hinted to the debut of her upcoming film by posting a picture of herself and Pere on her verified Instagram page.

As a result, numerous viewers commented that the two actors should start dating because they had such good chemistry.

In a recent interview, Nwagbo had stated the reasons she wished she was not famous.

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She said ,

“Some things they write things about me that are untrue. I think I actually quit, but after a while I said to myself that why should I? Most people who judge me are people who do not know you and you cannot keep explaining to everyone that what they wrote about you was untrue. I have learnt to live my life and focus on what is important. I think I have grown wiser and stronger. I just see some things as the downside of my job.”

@Miriablengozi wrote we need more of you too together

@Anymabel wrote: Ebube, you and Pere should do more movies together. The chemistry is so real’. I love you too together. You just gained a fan.

@Jercichioma wrote We love you and Pere together.

On how she deals with men wanting to take advantage of her, the Anambra State born movie star said,

“Even now, I still experience it. Things like that happen every day, especially when one puts herself in a vulnerable situation. The truth is that if you throw yourself at people, they will want to take advantage of you. It is now left for you to be strong and disciplined. As a producer, I have sought support from many men. They thought that asking them for something made me vulnerable and wanted to take advantage of that fact. I am one person who believes in me. You cannot put me in a position I do not want to be. Nobody should push you to do what you do not want to do because it makes you a lesser person. But when you believe in yourself, you will gain more respect. A lot of people want to come into Nollywood, thinking it is a bed of roses. There is nothing that comes easy.”

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