They said she is a “no-go area” – BBN’s Beatrice makes interesting revelation about a particular Nigerian celebrity on low-cut

Beatrice Agba Nwaji, a Big Brother Naija star, has made an intriguing disclosure regarding a certain Nigerian female celebrity on low-cut.
The 28-year-old reality show star revealed the information on her Instagram story after discussing the price some female celebs charge for s3x with some “big dudes.”

According to the mother of one, she was advised that a certain celebrity on lowcut is a “no-go region” since she is faithful to one man.

She went on to say that she aspires to have that kind of reputation in the entertainment world because she values her self-esteem.

She penned,

She wrote,

“Before I went for BBN, I remember when my guys ‘the big boys’ were talking about ‘some’ female celebrities and how much they charge to be with them, then this particular lady with low-cut was mentioned, their response was “no go are” that she has a particular man she’s faithful to and she has no price to be with her. That’s how she gained my love and respect. It’s going to be a tough one but that’s how I want to be known. Self respect is very bold in my dictionary.”

See below,

Beatrice makes

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