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“This guy [email protected] many of her phones and @bused her, I have evidence”– Korra Obidi’s sister, Nancy Umeh drags Justin Dean

Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s sister, has made explosive accusations against Justin Dean, the dancer’s ex-husband.

She made the claim just days after Justin Dean allegedly’mistakenly’ took and returned funds from his estranged wife’s account.

Korra Obidi had previously decried her estranged husband, Justin Dean, on Facebook, accusing him of stealing money from her.

Justin Dean said that the transaction was a mistake and that he is not a thief.

Following this, Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s sister, alleged that Justin Dean mistreated the dancer on multiple occasions.

According to her, the Chiropractor damaged her sister’s phones in order to keep her from generating money online.

Nancy Umeh went on to say that she stopped her sister from telling her sister about Justin’s bad behavior against her because of her children.

She then addressed the $5000 that was taken from her sister’s account, underlining that Justin took it.

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