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This is proof that Korra Obidi is lying about physical assault”, Justin Dean shares screenshot

Justin Dean, a white doctor, has finally responded to the claiks of his former wife, dancer Korra Obidi, accusing him of physical assault throughout their marriage.

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Justin Dean stated in a snapshot of some texts that Korra once acknowledged to lying about him ever being violent with her, but she kept stating he was going to hit her.

He wrote:

“Proof that Korra is lying about physical assault! She already lost this battle in court. Which is why I was able to see my kids!

This is a felony (purgery) and I am pressing charges.

We had therapy about this and she admitted to lying about me ever being physical with her.

She kept saying that I was going to eventually hit her. So I tapped her softly jokingly with enough pressure to burp a baby and said,” never say that again”. We laughed and she woke up utterly convinced that I assaulted her.

Korra, take your meds!”

See screenshot

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Remember Korra Obidi’s Facebook post accusing her separated husband, Justin Dean, of stealing money from her?

Just hours after his estranged wife, Korra Obidi, labelled him a thief, Performance Therapist Justin Dean replied, saying that he is not a thief because the transaction was a mistake.

Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s sister, stated in a new video that Justin Dean assaulted and damaged her sister’s multiple phones in order to prevent her from making money online.

According to Nancy Umeh, Justin has mistreated her sister Korra on multiple times, but she was the one who stopped her from reporting it.

Nancy claimed she kept her sister from spreading the bad news.

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