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Tiwa Savage’s S3x Tape Leaked Online: Aproko Doctor Insists It Wasn’t A Mistake

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Aproko Doctor, a Nigerian online love doctor, took to his page to investigate the songstress’s s3x clip that was released into the public realm.

After famous vocalist Tiwa Savage’s s3x tape was released on the internet, social media users went crazy.

With over 65,000 tweets, Tiwa Savage is presently the most popular Twitter user. Many people are still debating whether or not she is the real deal, while others have taken advantage of the situation to troll her.

Aproko Doctor has claimed in the midst of the social media uproar that just because the individual who leaked it on Snapchat erased it a few minutes after posting it does not imply it was a mistake.

”Let’s not be fooled: That s3x tape leaking was NO mistake. And no, I’m NOT saying Tiwa (or the woman) leaked it herself.

 Conveniently, the man’s face is not showing. But the woman’s face shows. That man who recorded it knew exactly what he was doing and exactly why he leaked it.”

And if you recorded the live s3x on Snapchat- what exactly is your motivation and drive for that? What’s the motivation actually?

 If not to possibly leak it “mistakenly” on your Snap maybe as a form of bragging rights to your friends/followers that you are bedding a celebrity.

I really hope Tiwa Savage doesn’t honestly believe this leak was a “mistake”. Because it wasn’t.

Anyone who knows how Snapchat works will find it extremely hard to believe this “mistake” narrative.

You don’t “mistakenly” upload things on Snapchat- except you recorded it there first.

— #OurFavOnlineDoc 🩺🇳🇬🇬🇧💎 (@DrOlufunmilayo)


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