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Toke Makinwa Allegedly Drags Sugar Daddy to Court over Unfulfilled Promises [PHOTOS]

Toke Makinwa, a well-known media personality, has allegedly taken her sugar daddy, Aliyu Abubakar, to court for his inability to keep commitments he made to her before they began their amorous relationship.

Aliyu, the AA oil CEO, is currently begging with Toke for the matter to be settled out of court, according to notorious IG blogger Cutie juls, but she is steadfast to the pleadings.

The blogger went on to say that the situation had been lingering for a long time, but that the media celebrity had calmed down after getting a large sum of money from the oil magnate.

However, according to the newspaper, Toke Makinwa has reactivated the case because he has not paid in full.

The blogger wrote:

 “What can come can come😩😩😩

Do you know that Sissy drag uncle Aliyu to court.

U sabi ask why. Sissy says Uncle did not fulfill all his promises he made before she agree enter relationship with am and also somethings and he stated on paper via text that he will do for her, he no do am hence this court issue.

Na him Oga beg beg Sissy make them settle out of court. Oga gave sissy some huge sum.. but recently sissy wants to resurrect the issue again. E be like uncle never finished paying in full.

The man dey under huge pressure and stress.

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