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Tonto Dikeh and Jane Mena Engages In Another Drama Online, Drags Each Other Like Tiger Gen

Tonto Dikeh and Jane Mena’s drama has resumed as the former insults the latter, while the latter responds to the former’s shade by claiming her brain is either fried from too much adultery or she’s just stup!d.

Screenshot 20220420 115710 Instagram

Jane Mena wrote on Instagram that it’s either they use money to fcvk you or they use relationships to fvck you because no matter what you do, you can’t get away from cassava, and a follower commented that she was knacked from morning to evening in the same way.

The emember how Tonto Dikeh accused Jane Mena of having an affair with her ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogri during their drama a few months ago? That’s what the follower used to make such a comment, and Jane Mena responded by telling him/her to go tell the person who sent him/her that if it’s true she sat on top of a man, she wouldn’t have had any relationship.

Tonto Dikeh obviously knows this shade is for her because she replied to Jane Mena asking her to wait for Instagram to lift her shadow ban before she shows her because she now has the opportunity and energy to shade her without forgetting who she is. Jane Mena was then insulted by Tonto Dikeh, who claimed she was either dumb or insane.

Screenshot below;

Tonto Dikeh and Jane Mena Continues Their Drama, Rips Each Other To Pieces over a Subtle Shade
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