UEFA discussing $7.2bn deal with Centricus to halt Super League

UEFA is allegedly holding talks with renowned giant management company, Centricus Asset Management over a 6 billion-euro ($7.2 billion) funding to rebuild its image in soccer tournaments and halt plans for a new breathtaking development that would see the world richest and giants club including Barcelona and Manchester United, breakaway to form the European Super League, according to Aljazeera news.

Who are the Centricus Asset Management group?

Centricus was begun opeeration in 2016 by Nizar Al-Bassam, an ex-investment banker at Deutsche Bank AG, and former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. partner Dalinc Ariburnu.

The firm reportedly supervises approximately $30 billion in assets, and heavily linked to large, affluent institutions in the Middle East and Asia, and helped SoftBank Group Corp. raise $100 billion for its massive Vision Fund.

What is Europa Super League’s mode of tournament?

The league presently comprises six teams from England, three from Italy, two from Spain and would face each other midweek in place of the UEFA tournament. Although there will be 15 permanent teams, another five teams will qualify each year for the Super League.

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The 4 billion-euro sponsoring is bankrolled by JPMorgan Chase & Co., has already attracted massive objections from fans, domestic leagues and politicians too.

However, UEFA has revealed it could restrict Super League team players from their national teams that take part in the national Euro and World Cup competitions.

Meanwhile, Florentino Perez says that European semifinalists and Super League participants Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal won’t be kicked out of the Champions and Europa League.

‘Impossible, I can assure that. 100 per cent.’ he said.

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