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Uproar online as Shan George goes bald for a new movie

Shan George, an acclaimed actress, has sparked controversy after going bald for a new film.

Screenshot 20220508 072000 Instagram

As they filmed at a movie location, the filmmaker, who recently warned why marriages will continue to fail, took to Instagram to show photographs of her new bald look.

According to a post she wrote,“I’m KOMOGAGA in DAUGHTERS OF WAR…”.

Her terrifying new look undoubtedly elicited emotions from her coworkers and followers.

Actor Segun Arinze said; “Nice! You look like Shaolin Kung Fu Master!”.

Anita Joseph reacted with and emoji while others simply appreciated her acting prowess.

See photos and reactrions that followed

Screenshot 20220508 071941 Instagram
Screenshot 20220508 072014 Instagram
Screenshot 20220508 072605 Instagram

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