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[email protected] online as an old video of young Davido surfaces online [Video]

David Adeleke, a Nigerian worldwide hip hop musician, has gained the attention of his followers after an old video of him appeared online.

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The 33-second clip attracted the attention of the adults present at Davido’s birthday party by showing him as a cute young boy.

Fans are delighted to watch cute moments of their favourite artiste with unchanging appearances and characters.

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Gylliananthonette: At that point, he didnt even know he was gonna be one of the most celebrated artiste in the world

mhizanny1: The guy refused to change face o

thetowncrier9ja: Na right from time him Dey scratch that nose

mikkytorino: Never knew davido is left-handed

dimple_adanwaa: If only he knew he would be a legend my obo no go minus

toluuwaa: Awwww he’s so cuteeeee see his head

official_thelma01: See as baba sweet

iam_benchichi: na Dancing “senator’ de back?

The talented musician received praise and respect from many when he awarded a scholarship to a young man who received an A in parallel on his WAEC.

The young man, known only as Young Morro Suleyman, received an A1 on all of his WAEC exam questions. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend university because he had been living at home since 2021.

Morro Suleyman reportedly had no aspirations to attend college because his parents’ financial situation was precarious.

In response to the news, Davido started looking for the boy, which eventually paid off some hours later.

Davido announced that he contacted Suleyman and gave him a full 4/5 scholarship to Adeleke University. He added that accommodation and allowance are included in it.

“We have contacted Suleyman who lives in Ghana and he has been given a full 4/5 year scholarship to Adeleke University…. accommodation and allowance included! God bless y’all”.

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