Video of Ghanaian Prophet, Nigel Gaisie vibing in bed with TikTok star surfaces online (Watch)

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of True Fire Prophetic Word Ministries, was caught on camera in bed with a TikTok celebrity.

In the past, the controversial Ghanaian prophet has been accused of being a ‘womanizer.’ In 2018, he also acknowledged to sleeping with women other than his wife.

Nigel Gaisie in bed

Women are his greatest weakness, he claims, and many of them make approaches toward him. He claims, though, that he has been doing his best to keep focused and ignore the women who ‘concern’ him.

Surprisingly, a man who resembles Gaisie was seen topless in bed with a TikTok female celebrity in a video posted online.


The woman in question is well-known on the platform for her provocative videos. She also posts twerking and shisha-smoking videos.

The nature of Gaisie’s relationship with the young lady, however, remains unknown.

Take a look at the following video.

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