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Wakanda Inu Price And Everything you need to know


The crypto sector never ceases to amaze with its unexpected twists and turns—new paradigm after new paradigm like the jump in viral Wakanda Inu Price. One may easily be forgiven for believing that crypto fans are a quirky bunch of oddballs.

On the inside, though, we know differently—we’re changing the world while having a good time doing it.

P2E-fueled GameFi, increasing Decentralised Finance, the wild but potentially lucrative world of NFTs, and the new paradigm of franchises and celebrities establishing their own fan tokens are just a few of the most disruptive developments in the present burgeoning industry.

Wakanda Inu, a fresh new cryptocurrency, is well on its way to carrying on the heritage, with an even more appealing value proposition.

Wakanda Inu, with its African origins, is built on the same meme-fueled foundation as Black Panther, but it aspires to rethink how we respect one another, promote social good, and raise our social consciousness.

Wakanda Inu is here to alter that.

What exactly is Wakanda Inu?

Wakanda Inu is the first African token (and meme coin) to achieve global acclaim, and it’s doing so in style.

The projects’ beginnings also contribute to the ethos’s development.

The Wakanda Inu movement began as a community-driven effort and now functions as a leaderless organisation that reflects the goodwill of this one, united, worldwide community that thinks nothing is impossible when people come together.

In only a few days, it has grown to unthinkable proportions.

The remarkable market reaction and tremendous community expansion since the Wakanda Inu introduction have been strong evidence of the people’s conviction in the concept:

The initiative raised over $1 million in Binance currency during its decentralised crowd sale of the Wakanda Inu token ($WKD) on November 6th (BNB)

The price of the $WKD token has increased by over 1200 per cent since its introduction, as of press time.

On Pancakeswap, $WKD has a locked liquidity pool of 4200+ BNB ($2,600,000).

Disclaimer: Ratings are calculated by third parties and are not influenced or approved according to CoinMarketCap.

FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score.

The Basic Crypto Asset Score (FCASTM) is a comparison statistic for evaluating crypto ventures’ fundamental health.
There are three primary criteria that go into calculating the score:

• User Activity – compares on-chain activity to find growth opportunities.

• Developer Behaviour – this metric tracks protocol changes.

• Market Maturity is a metric that considers risk and liquidity.

What is the value of a Nigerian Naira in Wakanda Inu?
The Wakanda Inu is 6440.300 Nigerian Naira.

How much is Wakanda Inu Coin Price In Naira

According to walletinvestor, 1 Nigerian Naira is equal to 6440.300 Wakanda Inu. They used the International Currency Exchange Rate of 0.000155. For their own Calculator, they’ve integrated the most popular Currencies and CryptoCurrencies. From the drop-down menu, you may convert Nigerian Naira to other currencies. At 10:54 PM on November 12, 2021, you may sell 1 Nigerian Naira for 6440.300 Wakanda Inu (GMT).

Wakanda Inu Launch Date

Wakanda Inu is a charity-oriented meme token designed for social benefit in Africa and throughout the world, according to the company. On November 8th, it had a public auction on Pinksale, raising almost 1000BNB (nearly a million dollars) in less than 24 hours.

According to coinmarketcap, the Wakanda Inu cryptocurrency has grown by over 300 per cent in only 24 hours, with trading volume doubling. With a marketcap of over $20 million and a complete valuation of $400 million, the meme token has surpassed the records set by Shiba inu, Floki, and Safemoon by reaching 27,000 holders in just 5 days. A billion-dollar market value implies a 35-fold increase in price from present levels, and community members are committed to achieving this target.

Some other important information about Wakanda inu

Wakanda inu (WKD) is a cryptocurrency that is presently traded on –

Exchange Quidax


Obiex Finance is a company that specialises in financial services.

There are also hints that it will be listed on many more exchanges. This has been the talk on social media this week among cryptocurrency investors and dealers. Wakanda Inu ($WKD) has achieved enormous success in just a few days after its inception.

Contact Information for the Media

Block Heights is the name of the company.

Nathan Zimmer is the person to contact.

Sending an email

+4123768701 is the phone number.

Wisconsin is the name of the state.

United States of America is the company’s website.


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