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We cannot let the passing of the Queen obscure the fact that Chris Kaba was slain by the police

Micahael Morgan, a writer and a Podcast host has on Metro dropped a bombshell regarding Chris Kaba who was earthed by the cops.

On Monday, September 5, 2022, in Streatham, south London, someone was shot and died. And this year, a third Black man has reportedly passed away after coming into contact with police in England and Wales.

Chris was apparently cornered by police after they chased him across London in an Audi that was belonging to someone else. As he was sitting in the automobile, a weapons officer shot him through the windscreen on the driver’s side.

It seems as though the constant publicity of Queen Elizabeth II’s departure is erasing from our collective consciousness the premature death of this 24-year-old Londoner. But we must stop this from happening.

Since Mark Duggan, then 29 years old, met a similarly horrific end in Tottenham, it hasn’t even been ten years. A Met officer shot and killed the unarmed Black man, which set off a wave of rioting across the country.

The news of Chris Kaba’s killing at the hands of the Metropolitan Police didn’t surprise me in the least. I’d even go so far as to say that I anticipated that a different young Black man would be slain while interacting with local officers in our community.

This sensation of inevitability is all that it is—it is neither a sixth sense or a form of divine divination. Athletes who claim to have been the targets of racial profiling during stop-and-searches, as well as the over-policing of the Black population as a general, have all called out the police force in the capital for racism.

One of the six English police departments under special measures is the Metropolitan Police. It comes as no surprise that, according to an Open Democracy report, 90% of officers who receive disciplinary action for racism continue in their positions.

Helen Nkama (Chris Kaba's mum) reacts during the protest in memory of her son
Yet again, Britain is experiencing its George Floyd moment (Picture: Thomas Krych/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

According to the Independent Office for Officers Conduct, police stop and search black people seven times more frequently than they do white people. Additionally, we’re more than twice as likely to experience extended taser usage by police.

But the most horrifying figure of all may be the fact that Black individuals have a threefold increased risk of dying after coming into contact with the police. It’s unjust that in 2022, law enforcement officers kill us in unequal numbers.

Anyone who has seen video of Chris Kaba’s mother’s appearance on Channel 4 can clearly see how hurt she is. Despite this, it seems as though the great majority of people were unaware of his passing.

Sky News retracts a broadcast that mistook protesters for royal crowds

Sky News has issued an apology after one of its journalists misinformed viewers that a protest march after the murder of Chris Kaba, who was shot by a Metropolitan police officer on Monday, was really a gathering of people commemorating the passing of the Queen according to The Guardian.

Following the unarmed 24-year-shooting old’s in south London by a Met firearms officer, protesters, including Kaba’s family, have been gathering in central London.

When Kaba was cornered by two police cars in Streatham Hill, he was driving an Audi that wasn’t registered to him. An cop shot him once while he was in the car. Tuesday saw his passing at a hospital.

Sarah-Jane Mee, who was anchoring the station’s coverage, said: “Look at that, look at the crowds of people winding their way down … they’ll be working their way up the Mall, and what a walk there is.

“There are thousands of people lining that route, it really is an incredible sight. They’ll work their way up the Mall, very slowly, meeting new friends along the way, talking about their journey here, their memories of the Queen, their good wishes for the new King.”

Since then, a murder inquiry has been launched by the Independent Office for Police Conduct. The officer in question must be placed on administrative leave until an inquiry is conducted, according to Kaba’s family.

On Saturday afternoon, footage from a helicopter showed a crowd of people going through Trafalgar Square in the heart of London. Two days after the Queen passed away, the TV station has been broadcasting heavy live coverage of events at Balmoral, Windsor, and Buckingham Palace.