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We Have Won, Desist Immediately From Malicious Publications, Dowen College Tells Nigerians

  • Dowen College said it was time Nigerians allowed the soul of the 12-year-old Sylvester rest peacefully

Our truth has won; management of Dowen College said in Lagos, advising Nigerians to stop circulating false information concerning the death of a 12-year-old pupil, Sylvester Oromoni.

This is according to a statement released by the school on Friday, just days after the Lagos State government cleared its pupils and employees of any involvement in the murder of one of their former students.
Dowen College believes it is past time for Nigerians to let Sylvester’s 12-year-old soul rest in peace.

“We respectfully request that all those who have consistently, misguidedly, and maliciously pushed false information should cease and desist immediately and allow our dear Sylvester’s soul rest peacefully in our Lord’s arms,” Dowen College said.

There have been questions raised about the death of the late student, who claimed that he was tortured by other students who compelled him to join a hidden cult on school grounds.
On Wednesday, the Lagos State Ministry of Justice’s Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) stated that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the students arrested were members of an illegal society.

But Dowen College said that “we do not know under what circumstances the accused names were mentioned,” adding that it had “no response” to that.

It claimed that the school was only aware of the injuries incurred by young Oromoni while playing football, adding that two of the boys listed are day students with no connections to the hostel; a third child cited was a regular weekly boarder who went home each weekend for home tutoring. During the weekend, he was not in the hostel.

“Sylvester did not leave with any visible body injuries from the school contrary to what was showcased on social media,” it said, insisting that no issue was raised about his health until seven days after he was collected from school; a follow-up call to the family, while he was at home, revealed his leg was being massaged, nothing else.”

Stating that Dowen College had been dragged through the mud, the management said “today the truth wins, our faith wins and our integrity wins.”

The management stressed that “the autopsy report which is the product of the work of seven of the leading Pathologists in Nigeria, including one representing the Oromoni family from Delta State has shown that Sylvester had several chronic pre-existing health conditions. These health conditions cannot be fabricated or doctored. If there were contributory injuries from any bodily harm they would have been presented and stated.”

Meanwhile, people thought to be members of the Ijaw Youth Council invaded Dowen College on Thursday to protest the recent release of suspects in the death of young Oromoni.
Earlier, a video of late Oromoni’s dying moments obtained by Peoples Gazette revealed that he died of no natural causes, as it revealed that he had been severely battered, with the doctor attesting to internal damage.

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