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“What I do with my b00bs is nobody’s business” – Big Brother Naija’s Angel Smith


Angel Agnes Smith of Big Brother Naija has claimed that whatever she chooses to do with her breasts is none of anyone’s concern.

In an interview with TheSun, the 21-year-old writer and model disclosed this when asked about her most valuable asset, which she would like to insure.

“Honestly, it’s not anybody’s business what I do with my boobs. I will rather insure my eyes because I have an intense eyes alongside my most prized possession which is my mind,” she said.

“I am not stereotypical. I don’t think the way every other person thinks. I am strategic and smart. My most prized possession is my mind, as it has always put me in many beautiful positions,” she said.

“Actually, it has been a blessing because once my mind is active, I go to work. My mind has put me in many beautiful places and not my physical endowment or appearance. It’s my mind that took me to Big Brother and gave me this huge platform that has made so many people now want to listen to me,”

She went on to say that she was aware that she would be chastised for wearing exposing clothing on the Big Brother Naija broadcast, but she didn’t care.
Angel also stated that her demeanour will not alter significantly now that she is in the spotlight.

“Before the Big Brother, I was a bit reserved compared to when I was in the house where I had to push my emotions aside just to participate in some of the games, even if I didn’t feel like doing it. Now outside the house, I am back to my natural self and the way I talk, dress and have fun, which I am not going to tone down, it’s nobody’s business,” she added.


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