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What I Say To People Who Believe I’m Only Successful Because of My Father – Temi Otedola [Video]

Recently, artist Davido made headlines for claiming that Nigerians have a hard time accepting those who do not have a grass to grace story. Coming from an affluent family, particularly as the kid of a public figure, has its own set of difficulties.

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Temi Otedola (Source: Instagram/ temiotedola)

Temi Otedola, the daughter of Femi Otedola, a billionaire, can speak to this firsthand.

During an interview with Channels Television, the young actress was candid about how it feels to have her last name changed.

She also discussed how she attempts to overcome the stereotypes that come with it, as well as her thoughts on Davido’s remarks about Nigerians going from rags to riches. Temi Otedola’s entire statement on the subject follows below.

Temi Otedola told Channels Television about her “rags to riches” story and how she deals with those who criticize her work because she hails from a wealthy family:

People love a rags to riches story and there’s so much to commend in that when someone is able to, without any help, come up from nothing. But I think to a certain point, if you’ve come from a privileged background, that privilege can only take you so far. And hard work, determination, and being a good person will take you the rest of that 40 or 50 percent, however it may. Because there are a lot of people that come from very privileged backgrounds that end up not maybe being in fields or to put it bluntly, not working hard. So I think at some point, people only work with you when your background backs up your talent and your hard work backs up your talent. That’s why I also make sure every set I’m on, I work as hard or more hard than any other person on that set. I arrive before everyone else arrives. I leave after everyone leaves. And sometimes you have to go that extra mile because people are ready to discount every thing you’re doing immediately like “oh, that’s just that person’s daughter, that’s just that person’s son”. Sometimes you actually have to do a little bit more, especially when it comes to being paid for the work you’re doing as well. Cuz they think “oh you don’t need the money” right? But I’m running it as a business like everybody else. And to make a name for yourself. Everybody at the end of the day wants to make a name for themselves.

I would spend my whole life with people only associating me with my father and that’s just the way it is, there’s not really much I can do. All I can do is focus on my own work, how I can change the narrative, and I’ve also realized that the most important thing is how I feel about the work I’m doing. So I really block out all that white noise, all that background noise, and the main thing is am I proud with the work I’m doing and is it resonating with at least a few people who actually appreciate the work I’m doing.

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