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“What is your business chomzy” — Fans Drag Chomzy After She Tried To Instigate Fight Between Phyna & Groovy, Eloswag Exits Their Bed

Phyna informed Groovy that Chomzy was still partial to him and that she had attacked them the previous evening in anticipation of Groovy moving in with her (Chomzy)

Dotun was informed of everything that transpired at the movie date by Chomzy, who reiterated her claim that Groovy and Phyna did not take into consideration Beauty, who was disqualified due to her relationship with Groovy.

Chomzy and Eloswag are currently arguing since he asked her to stop talking to Phyna and Groovy last night, but she didn’t, and he moved his belongings out of the area where he and Chomzy slept.

grandma60plus Did you guys blame Chomzy or what is her name? Biggie gave her the strength na. By now, she is supposed to be doing her media rounds. She is the cause of the genesis to Beauty’s disqualification.

officialbisola_ Chomzy wanted to instigate a fight between Phyna & Chi Chi last night, also tried creating a narrative that Phyna stole Groovy from Beauty & Amaka all for jealousy, only to crash her situationship with Eloswag. Elo just found out Chomzy still loves Gee

ronkeabosede_ Na Biggie cause all this. if he had let the evictee go home, Chiomzy wouldn’t feel she is a strong contender and use that advantage to be asking Phyna and Groovy question about their relationship, this is something she wouldn’t do before, now that she feels she has lots of fans, she feels every housemates revolves around her..

elodivwri What is your business chomzy now why