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“When I told Obi Cubana to be careful, people thought I was jealous of him” – Activist, Adeyanju reveals


Deji Adeyanju, a Nigerian human rights campaigner, has responded to the EFCC’s reported the arrest of millionaire businessman Obi Cubana.
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had previously announced that the club owner had been detained for alleged money laundering and tax fraud.

Deji Adeyanju, who had previously lambasted the billionaire for holding a lavish burial for his late mother in July 2021, reacted on Twitter. He said that he had cautioned Obi Cubana to be cautious, but that his cautions were misinterpreted as jealously.

“When I told Obi Cubana to be careful, some people said I was jealous of him. It’s still much better to be arrested by EFCC than FBI. He should be celebrating that it’s EFCC. Calm down Obi. It’s not serious for now but it could get worse”. He tweeted.


Remember how, months ago, after Obi Iyiegbu, the chairman of the Cubana Group, staged a Mega Burial ceremony for his mother in his birthplace of Oba, Anambra State, an activist advised that Obi Cubana didn’t need to bring so much attention to himself?

In his words,

“If Obi Cubana had acted responsibly… he won’t need all these explanations now. Every time he’s traveling abroad, he will be watched as a “Person of Interest”. The financial & security world exchange intel. He didn’t need to draw so much attention to himself”.


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