Why I Do Not Believe In Islam At All — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has criticized a Muslim supporter who questioned why he refuses to convert to Islam.

Reno had shared some Islamic knowledge with one of his followers, and another inquired why he knew so much about Islam yet refuses to convert.

Reno Omokri has slammed a Muslim follower who asked why he won’t convert to Islam.

Reno had shared some knowledge about Islam with a follower and another follower asked why he knows so much about Islam but won’t convert.

“You knew all this in Islam, why don’t you convert to Islam?” the follower wrote.

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Reno responded, blasting the follower.

He told her it’s people like her that make religious coexistence difficult.

He then added that “empathy is not sympathy”

“That I empathise with Islam does not mean I sympathise with Islam,” he wrote.

He also stated that he did not believe in Islam.

Reno claims that Galatians chapter 1 verse 8 explains why he does not believe in Islam.

He also requested God to kill him if he ever used a name other than Christ’s.

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