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Why Saying Hello Is A Sin — Mummy G.O (Video)

A video of Evangelist Funmi Adebayo nicknamed Mummy Go, a controversial Nigerian clergywoman, has gone viral online, claiming that saying “Hello” is a sin.

Mummy GO, the pastor of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC) in Lagos’ Iyana Ipaja neighborhood, recently declared that removing the o from Hello transforms it into Hell, and so it is a sinful language.

A bishop from Ghana was arguing with me. He said Evangelist Funmi, we are listening to your message but don’t say nonsense. Don’t teach us wrong things. I said what is the wrong thing that I taught.

He said ‘you said if somebody said Hello, it is demonic. It is not good’. I said yes sair I said so. I never denied it.

 By the time you remove o from Hello, what remains? Hell! So I greet you in the morning or you call me and I just mention Hell! It is a language of hell, a slogan of hell.

Watch the video below;

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