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Why the evicted housemates were moved to Level 3 – Biggie finally reveals

Biggie has provided further information regarding the unexpected surprise that happened during Friday night’s eviction program, in which the eliminated housemates were transferred to the Level 3 home rather than being eliminated outright.

The show’s producers made this announcement on Twitter and the official website, revealing that Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag will be referred to as house guests and remain at the residence till September 18.

The fact that they would also participate in standard house activities including diary sessions, sponsored assignments, Head of House games, and so on was also disclosed.

They would be permitted to submit nominations but not be eligible for the ultimate award. The future of these house guests is unknown at this time.

Big Brother Naija’s official Twitter account has posted the following message:

Big Brother has decided to retain the Evicted Housemates from tonight’s Live Show as Guests in the #BBNaija House until the 18th of September.

“They will now be referred to as Level 3 Guests.