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Woman faints as she’s publicly flogged in Indonesia for extramarital affair


A lady from the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh fell in anguish after being publicly flogged for having sex outside of marriage.

Along with her accomplice, the nameless lady was punished for 17 strokes of the cane.
An official in a head-to-toe brown cloak with their identity hidden by a mask administered the sentence.

Woman faints as she

The woman was beaten with a bamboo cane while dressed in traditional Islamic garb.

As the punishment is carried out, pictures show her sinking to the ground in anguish.

Woman faints as she

At the same time, her companion was flogged.

Aceh is the only Indonesian province that follows Sharia law, which is based on an extreme interpretation of Islam’s sacred book, the Quran, and governs the province.

The worst punishments, such as those for homosexuality, can carry up to 150 lashings. Victims usually pass out during or after their sentences and must be hospitalised.


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