Woman who mistakenly gave birth to quadruplets has said that she changes their diapers at least 24 times daily.

A mother of quadruplets has revealed how much she spends on their upkeep.
Jenny Marr, 36, of the United States, claims she spends $300 (N123,543) every week on food since giving birth to the unexpected quadruplets. She also changes diapers on a daily basis.
The mother of four stated her husband was taken aback and fainted when he found out they were expecting more than one child.

Jenny claims that the sonographer initially informed them that they were expecting triplets.
They sought advice from a professional, who informed them that they were expecting quadruplets.

“My hubby Chris turned a ghostly shade of white and with a thump, he passed out on the floor,” Jenny said.

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“Rather than faint, we both laughed this time,” she said.

Jenny told The Sun that the arrival of Harrison, Hardy, Henry, and Hudson, the quadruplets, changed their life.

“Life has completely changed now that we suddenly have four babies to look after,” she said, adding that they go through over five litres of milk a day.

Quadruplets are extremely unusual because they are all identical, with a 15 million to one probability of occurring.
Jenny said that it was difficult to tell them apart at first, but as they grew older, their characteristics became more distinct.

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