Wow! 91-year-old woman tied the knot with her 73-year-old lover after 10years of dating

A 91- year- old woman has tied the knot with her long time fiancee after she married the love of her life, a 73- year- old man.

They got married in a grand wedding style after courting for over 10 years.

The woman, Evelina Meadder tied the nuptial knot to her long time lover Calgent Wilson who is 73 years old in Jamaica.

The Mirror reported that the newly- wedded couple have been dating since 2009 when Evelina fell sick and Calgent, a farmer, took care of her until she was fine and healed.

Evelina disclosed that ever since they were together he would open up about them getting married but he usually says this when he had been drinking, so she would smile and disregard it, until when she agreed and they finally tied the knot.

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