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‘You Can’t Last For 5mins In Bed And You Want To Fight Me For 1hr’ – Shatta Wale Hits Back At Burna Boy

Burna Boy and Shatta Wale’s verbal feud isn’t going away anytime soon, as the Ghanaian musician has retaliated at the Nigerian superstar.

Recall For days, Shatta Wale has been on his feet ‘crying out‘ about Nigerians not doing enough to support Ghanaian musicians and music in the country.

Burna initially responded by accusing Shatta Wale of advocating a separatist agenda and then proposing a one-on-one fight with him to put an end to it.
While Shatta Wale prefers a freestyle battle with Burna Boy, the Nigerian musician has clarified that he is only interested in a physical fight with the Ghanaian artist, stating that he wants to see the Ghanaian singer’s teeth and blood on the floor.

Shatta Wale retaliated to Burna Boy in a series of tweets, claiming numerous things about the Nigerian musician while emphasizing that he only wants a lyrical duel, not a fist fight.

He mocked Burna for allowing his mother to manage him, claiming she was in control of his career, and accused him of hiding in some of his tweets.

He also claimed that he assisted Burna when he was involved in a police investigation in Nigeria, adding that the Nigerian musician is a five-minute man.


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