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“You get daughter, e go reach you very soon” – Cubana Chief Priest reacts to Paul Okoye releasing his phone numbers after he did same to Maria

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Paul Okoye, an entertainment professional, published Cubana Chief Priest’s personal phone number after he did the same to Maria while publishing a purported discussion between the reality show star and his sister, Maryanne Onyinyechi.

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As he published the conversation, the famous bartender did not conceal Maria’s phone number, indicating that Maria had the guts to threaten his sister after snatching Kelvin’s spouse.

Paul is just battling for the reality star due to a 10-15% management fee, according to the socialite.

However, in reaction to Paul Okoye doing the same to Maria, he revealed Chief Priest’s phone numbers.

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He added that Paul’s daughter will be treated the same way his sister had been treated.

He wrote ;

Because of 10% 15% management money, you get Daugther abi e go reach you very soon

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