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“You lack the character to win the show” — Doyin gets blunt with Sheggz (Video)

Doyin instructs Sheggz, a fellow roommate, on the qualities of the ideal housemate for the BBNaija season 7 show winner.

Doyin, Bella, and Sheggz discussed who would be the best choice to represent the Big Brother Show as the winner this year during a talk.

Sheggz, however, met the shock of his life after declaring himself as the best candidate amongst the rest.

“I think you will carry the brand but you will go against the character that they want to make.

I feel like Sheggz is a good person…is a nice person but in terms of character… I like people with character.

I don’t think he completely has it and that is my opinion. He is my friend but I question his character. Nobody is perfect at the end of the day,” she stated bluntly while clarifying it as not being condescending.


But Sheggz didn’t take it personally; instead, he agreed with Doyin’s assertion and added that he has multiple personalities.

see the video down below